How to pick a frame that suits you?

Picking frames for your face shape

For round faces, select frames that are wider than they are deep.  Look out for frames with slight upsweep at the corners to accentuate your features.

An important thing to note when choosing glasses is to select frames that add angles to your round face which is often distinguished by the curves. 

For square faces, try softer oval or round shapes to complement your face shape.

When choosing a frame, consider frames with characteristics that are opposite those of your face shape. Choose frames wider than they are tall to help slim down your face. 

People with oval faces have a narrower forehead and slightly narrow chin. Both square and rectangle frames will complement your face shape. These frames help to emphasise the natural balance of the face while adding angles to soft curves.

Avoid a frame that is too small or too large as it might upset the natural balance of your face.

Heart-shaped faces are typically known as the most versatile of all the face shapes. 

Frames that balance the width of the wider forehead with the narrowness of the chin are ideal. Cat-eye frames, bottom rimless or round frames may suit your face shape.