Your vision is our priority.

At Eyeviser, we are your trusted partner in your eye health journey. We provide 360° eyecare through talks, eye exams, eyewear and management of eye conditions through mobile services at workplaces and homes, and our network of optical stores and eye clinics in Singapore and Malaysia.

Your comprehensive eye exam is not just a check-up; it’s a commitment to your vision wellness. We detect eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Eyeviser's Impact in 2023

🌐 Channel 8 Feature

Eyeviser was honoured to be in the spotlight as part of a feature on mobile eye screenings at homes and workplaces on Channel 8 last year.

If you know a company who would like eyecare talks or onsite eye screenings, or those with mobility issues or other special needs who would like an eye exam or eyeglasses at home, do reach out to us.

Our Services

Primary Eyecare by Optometrists

Book your comprehensive eye exam and eyewear with our certified optometrists. Regular check-ups are crucial for detecting early signs of eye conditions and maintaining optimal vision.

Comprehensive Eye Exams, Eyewear, Contact Lenses

Our eyecare professionals are all carefully chosen for their decades of experience and professionalism. Available throughout different parts of Singapore.

- Thomson Specialist Woodleigh
- Our Eyecare Network

Kids Eye Screening,
Myopia Management

Is your child at risk of high myopia? Are they squinting to see often? Book a free 15-minute consultation with our optometrist to discuss your child's concerns or take a quiz to find out!

Learn more here

Home Optical Service

Your convenience, our priority. We bring the comprehensive eye exams and prescription checks to your home. No commute, no hassle — just personalized eye care for the whole family.

Learn more here

Our Services

Specialist Eyecare by Ophthalmologists

Choose an eye clinic for a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist. Our network of clinics are conveniently located in Singapore and Malaysia for your peace of mind. Get detailed dilated exams, treatments or surgeries from our expert ophthalmologists. Take the first step towards eye care.

Comprehensive Eye Exams + Consult with Eye Specialist

Are you concerned about your eye health? Do you have symptoms such as floaters or bright flashes of light in your daily life? Do a thorough eye check today.

LASIK Screening & Surgery

Are you tired of relying on glasses or contact lenses? LASIK surgery can provide you with the freedom of clear, unaided vision. We offer comprehensive LASIK screening and surgery to help you achieve your vision goals.

Our Corporate Clients

Community Reviews

Over 90% of our customers were 'Satisfied' or 'Very Satisfied' with their experience at our partner optical stores and eye clinics.

“My Eye Matters (Now rebranded Eyeviser) is definitely the authority on our eye care needs. We truly appreciate your technical knowledge and generous sharing for our Cast Members in Disney and Fox family in the region.”
Senior Manager, Regional HR
"Being able to have your eye test done in your own living room feels a lot less restrained and restrictive compared to sitting in a dark room with words projected on the wall. This [home] optical service was the most relaxed experience that I've ever had."
Home optical service customer
"They have excellent customer service. It is not about making money, they give good advice. They are empathetic and listen carefully. They make excellent recommendations and referrals."
Home optical service customer
"Very polite staff comfortable waiting area, clear video instructions showing the various lasik procedures to help us gain awareness of the difference."
Kee Ann
Eye clinic customer (LSC Eye Clinic)
"Thorough eye check and good quality glasses."
Optical store customer (% eyewear & MUJOSH)
"Very friendly and knowledgeable optometrist who took the time to explain in detail about my eye health conditions."
Hong Ang
Optical store customer (

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