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Eyeviser is dedicated to advancing eye health.

We provide eyecare education and offer comprehensive eyecare solutions with our network of experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our 360° eyecare solutions in Singapore & Malaysia

Eyecare education

Eyecare talks/webinars

Topics include: Caring for your eyes, Common eye diseases, Managing myopia in children etc

"My Eye Matters (now rebranded Eyeviser) is definitely the authority on our eye care needs. We truly appreciate your technical knowledge and generous sharing for our Cast Members in Disney and Fox family in the region."
Puay S. Chan
Former Regional HR, Disney


Eyecare tips

Online Tools

Comprehensive eye exam + Consultation

Detect eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

AI-powered eye exam option available.

Consult an eyecare professional on any vision related issues you may have.

Eyeglasses + Contact lenses

Competitive prices.

Sourced directly from manufacturers.

Wide variety of styles.

Treatment + Surgery for eye conditions

Medical treatment by ophthalmologist.

Surgery for cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, eye tumours etc.

Refractive surgery (Lasik).

Our Network of Eyecare Providers



3 reasons to choose Eyeviser

Customised to your employees' eyecare needs

Unique URL with tailored offers

Track individual sign-ups

One-stop booking and service


Workplace onsite eye screenings

Home, Store, Clinic, Workplace for comprehensive eye exams

Virtual consultation with optometrist

360° Eyecare

Continuing eye education

Comprehensive eye exams, eyewear, sunglasses and supplements

Online visual acuity test and kids myopia risk assessment tool