Our 360° Eyecare Solutions in Singapore & Malaysia

At Eyeviser, we understand the importance of corporate eye wellness, and we offer tailored solutions to elevate your team's vision.

Eyecare Education

Eyecare talks/webinars

Topics include: Caring for your eyes, Common eye diseases, Managing myopia in children etc

Educational articles

Learn more about your eyes' health, with our educational articles.

"My Eye Matters (now rebranded Eyeviser) is definitely the authority on our eye care needs. We truly appreciate your technical knowledge and generous sharing for our Cast Members in Disney and Fox family in the region."
Puay S. Chan
Former Regional HR, Disney

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam + Consultation

Detect eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

Consult an eyecare professional on any vision related issues you may have.


Our Comprehensive Eye Examination Consists Of:

📍 Ocular History

– Ocular and health history to assess risk factors for eye diseases.

📍 Visual Acuity Test

– Measures vision at various distances using an eye chart.

📍 Refraction

– Determines refractive error for precise eyeglasses prescription.

📍 Tonometry

– Measures eye pressure with a tonometer to check for glaucoma.

📍 Anterior Health Assessment

– Examines the front eyes for abnormalities like cataracts.

📍 Fundus Imaging

– Captures retina images to detect abnormalities.

Eyeglasses + Contact lenses

Competitive prices.

Wide variety of styles.

Sourced directly from manufacturers.

👀 Improve the overall eye health and visual comfort of your employees.

💼 Healthy eyes contribute to increased efficiency and productivity.

Treatment + Surgery for eye conditions

Medical treatment by ophthalmologist.

Surgery for cataract, retinal detachment, glaucoma etc.

Refractive surgery (LASIK).

💼 Enjoy exclusive corporate rates for comprehensive eye screenings, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Our Network of Eyecare Providers



3 Reasons to Choose Eyeviser

Customised to your employees' eyecare needs

Unique URL with tailored offers

Track individual sign-ups

One-stop booking and service


Workplace onsite eye screenings

Home, Store, Clinic, Workplace for comprehensive eye exams

Virtual consultation with optometrist

360° Eyecare

Continuing eye education

Comprehensive eye exams, eyewear, sunglasses and supplements

Online visual acuity test and kids myopia risk assessment tool

Community Reviews

Over 90% of our customers were 'Satisfied' or 'Very Satisfied' with their experience at our partner optical stores and eye clinics.

“My Eye Matters (Now rebranded Eyeviser) is definitely the authority on our eye care needs. We truly appreciate your technical knowledge and generous sharing for our Cast Members in Disney and Fox family in the region.”
Senior Manager, Regional HR
"Being able to have your eye test done in your own living room feels a lot less restrained and restrictive compared to sitting in a dark room with words projected on the wall. This [home] optical service was the most relaxed experience that I've ever had."
Home optical service customer
"Very polite staff comfortable waiting area, clear video instructions showing the various lasik procedures to help us gain awareness of the difference."
Kee Ann
Eye clinic customer (LSC Eye Clinic)
"They have excellent customer service. It is not about making money, they give good advice. They are empathetic and listen carefully. They make excellent recommendations and referrals."
Optical store customer
"Thorough eye check and good quality glasses."
Optical store customer (Somerset)
"Very friendly and knowledgeable optometrist who took the time to explain in detail about my eye health conditions."
Hong Ang
Optical store customer (eyesight.sg)

Our Corporate Clients

Get in touch with us.

Accommodate diverse schedules with flexible appointment options. Whether it's during work hours or special corporate events, we prioritize the convenience of your team. Contact us to discuss customized corporate eye health solutions for your team.

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