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Healthy eyes go beyond checking your prescription. Just as you get regular health screenings, it’s crucial to have comprehensive eye exams to detect eye diseases early and avoid preventable blindness.

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Educational Eye A-Z Articles

Understand more about your eyes.

Comprehensive Eye Exam: Why It Is Important and What To Expect

What is a comprehensive eye exam? How is it different from a vision screening? Learn why you should have an eye check-up regularly.

After 40 Years Old: Age-related Eye Problems

Not only does ageing contribute to vision problems such as presbyopia, it also increases risk for eye health problems such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Why is it important to manage myopia progression in children? Know more about ways to slow down myopia progression such as specialised spectacle lenses and contact lenses.

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Thomson Specialists Woodleigh

Primary and Specialist Eyecare.

Flagship location that meets all your eyecare needs for adults and kids.

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Our professional eyecare partners have been chosen for their professionalism and expertise. Trust them for your eyecare needs.

Home Optical Service

At your convenience. We bring eyecare to your home. No commute, no hassle —just personalised eye care solutions for the entire family.

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