Eyecare at home

We meet your eyecare needs in the comfort of your home.

No rush, no pressure. All at your own pace and convenience.

Need a new pair of eyeglasses?

Try on frames with your loved ones

Choose the frame and lens most suitable for you at your own pace with 1-to-1 optometrist consultation.

We offer competitively priced eyeglasses with a wide variety of frames for you to choose from and custom made lenses with 1 year manufacturing warranty.

Get your latest prescription and advice from a certified optometrist

Free home visit, eyeglasses delivery, adjustment and after-sales service

(with eyeglass purchase)

Comprehensive eye exam

A comprehensive eye exam screens for eye diseases which may otherwise go undetected until it is too late.


A comprehensive eye exam includes:

1. History taking

2. Visual acuity test: measures how well you see

3. Refraction: measures your prescription

4. Eye pressure test: checks for glaucoma

5. Slit lamp test: checks the front part of your eyes (cornea) for cataracts and macular degeneration

6. Retinal imaging: checks the back part of your eyes (retina) for retinal detachment etc

7. Consultation: the optometrist will explain your eye exam results and advise you on any follow-up required

Our customers love our home optical service!

"With this [home optical] service, I don't need to make many trips to the optical store—once to test and choose frames, once to collect. In fact, I don't need to step out of my house at all."
Home optical service customer
"Being able to have your eye test done in your own living room feels a lot less restrained and restrictive compared to sitting in a dark room with words projected on the wall. This [home] optical service was the most relaxed experience that I've ever had."
Home optical service customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can order any lens you want and we have a wide variety of frames. In the rare instance where you cannot find a frame you like, we will source frames for you and bring to you to try at no cost.

If you still choose not to purchase glasses from us, we will charge $50 for the optometrist visit and your prescription.

As long as you purchase a pair of prescription eyeglasses, we do not charge any extras for the optometrist visit and for your prescription.

As we source our lens and frames direct from manufacturers and save on overheads, we are able to pass our cost savings to you. Our prices are usually 10-20% lower than what is charged in optical stores.

Just give us a call, and we will come to you at no charge. We also replace worn out or mouldy nose pads for free. After-sales service is important to us.

Depending on the situation, we need to either try to repair it or offer a replacement at an affordable price.

Our lenses are made by the world’s largest lens manufacturer and we have a wide variety to suit every budget, and age.

Our frames are of high quality, with different materials available such as ultem, titanium, acetate and stainless steel. They are sourced direct from manufacturers, the same ones that produce branded frames that cost many times more.

All our lenses and frames come with a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

We can arrange for alternative locations, such as meeting rooms and other public or community spaces.

You can reach out to us for further details.

Fret not, our portable equipment are as accurate as the ones used in stores. Also, our optometrists are fully registered with the Optometrists and Opticians Board of Singapore and have experience across retail and clinical settings.

However, refraction and eye exams require suitable lighting conditions. For refraction, bright lighting is necessary. For comprehensive eye exams, dark lighting is necessary. Our optometrists are well-trained to assess each home environment and adjust the lighting accordingly.

We will need

– 3 metres of space in a brightly-lit area for refraction to give you an accurate spectacles prescription.

– Space to display and try on the frames

– Power point for our lens meter to check your current prescription

Our staff will be masked throughout and we use alcohol swabs to sanitise our equipment for every use. Under no circumstance would we send someone who is unwell.

We also strongly encourage you and your family members to be masked when we visit.


Delivery of eyeglasses will take between 3-10 working days from the day you purchase them. They will be delivered to your doorstep at no charge, with adjustments as required.

There are many factors involved. It could be an issue of your pupillary distance, reading distance, frame fit or your prescription.

Our optometrists will troubleshoot with you and replace the lens for free within 30 days for single vision lenses and 60 days for progressive lenses.

We will make sure you can see clearly with your glasses, even if it takes multiple visits and adjustments to get it right.

Our home optical service is suitable for anyone above the age of 7.

Parents with children below 7 years old are strongly encouraged to bring them to get a dilated eye exam at an eye clinic instead. Without dilation, a comprehensive eye exam may not accurately diagnose all underlying conditions for young children.

Book an appointment for your child at an eye clinic here.

Try our home optical service for yourself!