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The Signature Series

How well you see matters.
Our Signature Series offers high-quality and durable (read: water, smudge, scratch and dust resistant) lenses that can simultaneously correct your vision and protect your eyes.

Our lenses come with a free one-year warranty and include the following features.

Recommended Add-ons

For enhanced levels of eye protection, we highly recommend that you include the following add-ons.

Blue light is a short-wavelength high-energy light emitted from computer, phone and television screens. Studies have suggested that prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to damaged retinal cells and irregular sleeping patterns.

By blocking up to 50% of harmful blue light, our signature blue light protect can help to protect your eyes without any colour distortions. Ideal for all spectacle wearers including children and adults.

Basic series: Provide up to 50% protection from damaging UV rays and harmful high-energy blue light without altering or distorting color perception.

Premium series: Offers up to 3 times more protection against harmful UV light than regular prescription lenses. Lets in beneficial blue light. Provides 100% UV protection and optimal clarity, without the yellow residual tint that usual blue light lenses have.

Many of us spend hours staring at our computer and phone screens everyday. Close viewing distances for extended time periods cause us to blink less, resulting in eyes fatigue and discomfort.

Our signature digital booster can give you that extra oomph you need by improving your eye’s natural ability to focus. Work hard but play even harder— this lens is ideal for those who suffer from digital eye strain symptoms such as headaches and dry eyes.

Glare can arise from a series of sources ranging from computer screens to even water bodies in our daily lives. The most common example of glare is the inability to see clearly under bright sunlight or dark settings that often places unnecessary stress on our eyes.

Our signature anti-glare blue light protect is specially designed to help you achieve visual comfort all day by reducing glare by up to 60% in the day and 30% at night. 

Lenses that can automatically change shades when exposed to varying frequencies of light are known as photochromic lens.

With the ability to provide up to 88% protection when outdoors, our signature light-adaptive lenses allow you to enjoy the benefits of both a sunglass and an eyeglass in the very same pair of frames. Ideal for those who enjoy the convenience of not having to switch between two pairs of glasses when heading out.


Our Signature All-In-One lenses are our ultimate bestseller comprising of all the features you could ever ask for. This pair of lens not only protects your eyes from harmful blue light and glare but enhances your eye’s natural ability to focus, allowing you to work hard but play even harder.

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