Are your eyes healthy?

Comprehensive eye examinations are not the same as checking your prescription.

If you get health screenings regularly, why not comprehensive eye examinations too?

Did you know eye diseases such as glaucoma have no symptoms?

From our eye disease screenings, 2 out of 10 cases have anomalies that could not be detected just from a prescription check or otherwise.

Common eye diseases we detect in our eye screenings

1️⃣ Yellow lipid deposits in the retina

A 50 year old gentleman believed his vision was good enough, experiencing no discomfort or irritation. However, our optometrist did a comprehensive eye exam, and found excessive deposits throughout his retina, impacting vision significantly.

2️⃣ Glaucoma Suspect

A 57 year old woman, also free of apparent symptoms, was identified as a glaucoma suspect due to enlarged optic nerves and elevated eye pressures. She is now under review every 6 months, to ensure her eyes have not progressed to glaucoma.

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